tsunami2Year: 2007-2008
Country: Indonesia
Location within country: Cilacap

The objectives of this project was to prepare a Tsunami Hazard map for Cilacap area, Central Java which has a great threat from tsunami in future as it falls in a highly active tectonic zone. Tsunami hazard map was prepared by using the TUNAMI-N2 model, developed by Tohoku University, Japan.

gicYear: 2006-2007
Country: India, Indonesia, Thailand and Sri Lanka
Location within country: Tamilnadu (India), Banda Aceh (Indonesia), Phuket (Thailand) and Galle (Sri Lanka)

This project was implemented in response to 2004 tsunami, which had devastated the coastal communities of the South and Southeast Asian region. The goal of the project was to develop institutional capacities in four tsunami affected countries in application of remote sensing and GIS for hazard and risk assessment.